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Individuality. Self-Discipline.


A good academic education is just as important to us as athletic development!

With our partner school in the Hanover region, we have found an ideal concept to combine the two pillars of high-performance sports and education. Here, high-performance athletes can complete their schooling up to the upper level in a condensed number of hours.

From the 11th grade onwards, the concept of online schooling has proven particularly successful for our players. This allows young adults to have more flexibility, especially considering their increasing participation in international tournaments. All of our players who attended the online school have successfully passed the nationally recognized Abitur (German high school diploma equivalent).

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We attach a lot of importance to maintaining a balance between good school education and sporting development!

Short and concise

Adjustment to individual training schedules
Exams by arrangement
Short-term exemption from classes for participation in multi-week tournaments
Promotion of personal responsibility and self-discipline
Increase in learning motivation
Flexible handling of content in an online format

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Studying and playing tennis in America

Refinancing your tennis education through a sports scholarship

Placement at a college through our top network

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