School & Sport

Individuality. Self-Discipline.


A good school education is just as important to us as sports development!

With our partner school in the Hannover region, we have found an ideal concept to combine the two pillars of competitive sport and school. Here it is possible for competitive athletes to complete their state-approved Abitur in a compressed number of hours.

In addition to the many training sessions and participation in international tournaments, this concept proves to be a perfect opportunity for our talents to achieve a solid qualification.

We attach a lot of importance to maintaining a balance between good school education and sporting development!

Short and concise

Efficient working in small groups
Adaptation to individual training times
Examinations by arrangement
Close communication between teachers and students
Short-term release from classes for tournaments of several weeks
Promoting self-responsibility and self-discipline
Increased motivation to learn through individual support
We will be happy to answer all your questions in a personal conversation after your free trial training session.
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