Our philosophy

We do it differently!

Anyone who is familiar with tennis and who has undertaken one or the other tennis trip through club landscapes knows that short-term successes are forced, tennis lessons are not worth the price, mass processing is the top priority. We don’t do this. We can do better!

Competitive sports and passion are united under the roof of the nensel academy. Our aim is to train our talents to become professional tennis players. The main focus is on long-term success, which we want to achieve through the personal support of every single player. Our characteristic: the family atmosphere in a professional environment.

Our Concept

Passion is the key to success! We inspire young, driven talents to make a choice for professional sport and foster them with an individually designed training concept.

This individuality is always a focus in their daily development. We identify, strengthen, and utilize their full scope of technical, tactical, and mental potential. Each individual training concept is regularly adjusted. Our absolute focus is to provide our students with purposeful training to become top-level athletes instead of driving for short-term success.

We will increase your motivation, optimise your performance and make full use of your potential!

Three-stage Concept


Talent assessment

Talent evaluation



Talent acceptance

Preparation of a player profile

Individual training concept


Multi-year training as a tennis professional

Achievement of maximum potential

Our Focuses

Zeit und Ruhe
Time and space during training
Constant and targeted development
Individuelles Arbeiten
Individual work
Langfristiger Erfolg
Work on long-term success
Work with a high level of trust
Achievement of maximum potential

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